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CANopenŽ is a higher-layer protocol for the CANbus, CAN bus, Controller Area Network

This Page is dedicated to North American Users and Developers of CANopen Networks
Also see www.CANbus.us for more information on the CAN bus or Controller Area Network

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The official, international CANopenŽ pages are maintained by the CiA (CAN in Automation users and manufacturers group)

CANopen is a network used in many every-day products consisting of multiple microcontrollers that need to communicate with each other. CANopen is based on CAN (Controller Area Network) which is implemented in hardware in microcontrollers of about 25 chip manufacturers. If you don't know much about CANopen, here is a brief introduction and a historic summary of almost 25 years of CAN.

The CANopen specification is available for free and can be requested from the CiA organization. The main documents are the CiA Draft Standard 301 and 401. The additional Draft Standard Proposals are optional, depending on the application implementing CANopen. Foir a list of current device and application profiles, see the list of profiles at CiA. Some profiles offer dedicated web pages, such as www.cia447tools.com, an application profile for CANopen use in special purpose vehicles (such as emergency response or taxi).

When shopping for CANopen products, check out the CANopen Store US or CANopen Store EU.

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CAN and CANopenŽ Books available in English

Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen
by Olaf Pfeiffer, Andrew Ayre, Christian Keydel, 2003
Check reviews, pricing and availability: amazon.com

CANopen: Implementation Made Simple
by Mohammad Farsi and Manuel Bernardo Barbosa, 1999
Check reviews, pricing and availability: amazon.com

Controller Area Network
by Konrad Etschberger, 2001
Check reviews, pricing and availability: amazon.com

CAN System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications
by Wolfhard Lawrenz, 1997
Check reviews, pricing and availability: amazon.com

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